My name is Dewi. I am an Indonesian born Australian. I am a self-motivated and an enthusiastic photographer.

This website is a combination both of my photography and travelling passions.

Here, I would like to share my experience, my portfolios and my photo stories.

My passion for photography started over a decade ago, when a small digital camera presented to me as a gift. It was small, it was delicate but I was instantly in love with digital images. To be honest, it was hard and challenging. I never thought that I would be spending hours of time reading the manuals, watching and reading tutorials, or begging my friends to be my models. Instead of being tired of it all, I wanted more of it.

I spend my days learning, reading, picking up inspirations and editing photographs. From bush walking in my home town to kayaking overseas, I’d feel lost without my camera.

I am so lucky to have this opportunity to learn what photography means, everyday.

I understand that it’s more than just clicking on the shutter. It’s a powerful tool to freeze that precious moments in life. Photography challenge me to be creative and to stay motivated. It brings the best out of me.

Throughout the years I have been actively taking portraits, weddings, events, natures and landscapes.

The travelling bugs kicked in and I started taking more of travelling photos although I have never close my door to any type of photography. When I am not out and about, I go local and keep on searching for that image that I can share with you all.

Please feel free to drop me any comments or to share your own experience.



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