Kota Malang: Cosy and Cute Town

In my previous blog I spoke about the sunrise trip to Mount Bromo. To get to Mount Bromo we chose to stay in Malang, you can reach this destination from Surabaya or Bali, however Malang is an ideal place to stay if you are here just for a short trip. It’s […]

Rising Up With Bromo

Mount Bromo – 2,392m mountain is an active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. With Mount Semeru, Mount Batok and Segara Wedi (Sea of Sands), Mount Bromo is part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. No matter if you are staying in Jakarta or in Bali, if you are within […]

Where Am I From

When I met new people, they often try and guess where I originate from, it’s kind of interesting to hear their thoughts and I usually get a few giggles. It is obviously somewhere from Asia by the look of me, I would usually allow them a good half-dozen guesses until they run out […]

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